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ICO ends 14.06.2018.

Introducing a crypto-based loyalty program. Join our revolution.


Our experienced and successful team has created the solution technology for the retail audience. We are signing up new customers on a weekly basis with our enterprise-grade innovations for small and medium sized business. Our retail solutions are ready for both an individual shop and the larger enterprise as a whole.

New Retail

We see vacant retail stores everywhere, shopping centers without customers. Retail Coin stops the trend of small businesses struggling to survive. We’re creating a new future where your nephew and my cousin will have the opportunity to set up their own business. We empower retail stores to increase customer retention.


Our advisory board and management team have a strong record at large companies with strict security policies including Microsoft, ING, PwC, National Police, Nikon, Oracle. We will join the ICO Governance Foundation and operate in a pro-active manner and in consultation with governments and auditors.

A new standard for ICO

Investments with the investor in mind

Multi-Value Crypto Loyalty

Retail Collaboration

With RetailCoin we are going to enable seamless collaboration when it comes to customer retention! With RetailCoin you are going to save and redeem loyalty at your favourite retail stores. Easy and enjoyable.

Increase Engagement

With our apps and RetailCoin we’re providing every retailer with the strength of mobile applications and revenue-increasing technologies. Customer retention has never been this powerful.

Secure Loyalty

Loyalty is about real money. Retailers have to trust each other. Blockchain enables this trust so that efficient collaboration between different businesses will become the standard.

Lower Cost

A well working loyalty program usually requires a large part of the retailer’s budget. RetailCoin provides loyalty for everyone, including the smallest of retailers. Blockchain reduces customer retention costs significantly.


Our mobile platform is built on React.Native, the technology Facebook uses. We’re scaling out our technologies across thousands of retailers in Europe!


RetailCoin is built on our existing customer base. We’ve already supported over 1 million transactions, a figure increasing by the minute. We sign up 3 – 8 retailers every week.

Some of our customers…

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Our Business Partners

A word from the Architect…

Who am I?

My name is Hugo Leijtens and I am the architect of the Retailcoin. I’m a globally awarded technologist and I have a great deal of experience in working with large companies as well as smaller ones. My passion for technology enables me to solve real-life challenges by utilising modern resources. I’m a creative nerd at heart and a passionate product designer. I help customers embrace technology, day in and day out.

What is my history?

I’ve always been interested in technology. I got my first IT job when I was 19, at the beginning of a new millennium. As one of the most innovative product developers around, I received my first global award. The MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award for being one of the top 5 engineers in the world for Windows Media Center technologies. Thanks to my acquired knowledge, I landed a job at Microsoft. As a result of my innovations in Cloud Technologies, I was awarded second best engineer in the world, number one in EMEA. Being only 28 years old, I considered this the beginning of a career, but also the end. I decided to pack my backs and move to China. There, I founded my start-up Nexocial and built a unique product to enhance Social Enterprise Collaboration. In between, I was also the first one to engage in competition with the iPad, by inventing the nPad. After I sold Nexoscial and spent a sabbatical with the Taoist Monks in the Himalaya, I was headhunted by Nikon Europe and appointed Head of Direct Sales and Marketing technologies. Having worked for Nikon for a few years, my inner entrepreneur got the better of me. I had realized that corporate environments aren’t really for me, and I decided to once again start doing the things that truly spark my enthusiasm. Nowadays, I gain energy from helping retailers successfully integrate digital technologies with their existing loyalty programs to increase revenue.

Why Digital MKB and RetailCoin?

Digital MKB was born in the barbershop. ‘Did you bring your loyalty card?’ the hairdresser asked me. No, I didn’t, but it got me thinking. In a world of relentless digitalisation, why do these quickly lost stamp cards still exist? I started building an application that would come to the retailer’s aid by digitizing existing loyalty programs. While building the product in consultation with several retailers, I started to uncover the various complications they experience. Naturally, I began integrating solutions (Retailcoin!) that relate to the wishes and needs of retailers throughout different markets, and offer them the opportunity to realise a visible increase in turnover

Can we meet you?

Of course! We’re based in Tilburg and we’ve recently opened our second office in Poland. We’re more than happy to show you around and have an in-depth conversation about the investment opportunities we offer and the mission we pursue.

Our Team

Hugo Leijtens

Founder - Architect

Hugo is a globally awarded technologist with almost 20 years of experience at Microsoft, ING, Nikon and multiple startups. He is a serial entrepreneur who has the ability of grasping complex technical concepts and translating them into useful technology.

Joyce van Dongen

Chief Sales Officer

Joyce is responsible for managing the entire sales process. She knows how to connect people and enjoys doing so, in several ways including business. Besides creating new business she also invests a lot of effort in after-sales as she believes this is crucial for the way of doing business.

Jan van Dort

Chief Crypto Officer

Jan is fully convinced by the disruptive character digital currencies and blockchain have on our society. During his Master study digital currency and blockchain, he created a blockchain based loyalty scheme. When Jan met Hugo, they melted their plans together and Jan joined Retailcoin as the setup to create a new loyalty scheme tailored to the new consumer behaviour.

Antoine Jansen

Business Development Director

Antoine is an experienced sales director who used to take responsibility for Oracle Cloud Sales in Central and Eastern Europe. At the moment, Antoine takes charge of getting customers in Central and Eastern Europe on board. He is the director of our office in Poland.

Robert Rongen

Enterprise Solution Architect

Robert is an experienced IT architect with 20 years of experience at Philips and Atos Origin. He is specialized in blockchain technology and information management and has the ability to design business solutions with new technologies.

Cor Ummels

Marketing & Communications

Cor is responsible for marketing & communications. Keeping up with social media and spreading our newsletter. He takes care of maintaining contacts with our investors. Cor is ready to serve our customers and strive to keep people a positive feeling afterwards communication through different channels.

Ahmet Comert

Customer Success

Ahmet is the driving force behind the success of our customers. He takes pride in thoughtfully listening to individual retailers and ensuring their feedback is carefully integrated into our product. Although new in the IT world, he is learning quickly.

Salsabil Ohorilla


Salsabil is our designer who puts his efforts in creating unique apps on a daily basis. Using modern layouts aligned with the wishes of the retailers, Salsabil creates beautiful designs that make our customers stand out.

Wilco Bakker

Blockchain Developer

Wilco is a talented programmer who spends his time on Blockchain, smart contracts and react technology. With great devotion, he makes sure all technologies are up to date and functioning properly.

Aron Groot

Content & Communications

The youngest member of our team. Aron knows how to communicate in a millennial fashion. Always online and truly enjoys creating content for our customers and investors.

Martijn den Hartog

Sr. Account Manager

Martijn likes interacting with customers, but he likes closing contracts even more! A natural-born salesman who is passionate about our project. He knows the market and understands our customers.

Richard Chenel

China Business Developer

Richard and Hugo have worked together in China for many years. Nowadays, Richard runs an investment firm named Chenel Capital in Shanghai. He interacts with Chinese Investors every day of the week. With his existing relations, he is dedicated to get the Chinese investing in European Retail.

Domagoj Rukavina

Senior Software Developer

Senior Software Developer with extraordinary knowledge of diverse software. Domagoj has worked on quite a few successful projects. He is ambitious, hard-working, and most of all, a real problem solver. Confront him with a challenging issue, and he won’t let go until the perfect solution is found.

Slavko Stimac

Software Developer

Software Developer with experience at ambitious application building platform Shoutem. Slavko develops the software required for the rollout of our concept. His care, commitment and skill amount to a well balanced and user-friendly product.

Ivo Katunaric

Software Developer

Talented developer who principally works for ambitious application building platform Shoutem. Putting his talent to use, Ivo takes great pride in coding software that contributes to the perfect development of the Retailcoin.

Advisory Board

Frans van Haarlem

Advisory Board

Senior Advisor for Digital MKB and RetailCoin. His experience includes executive roles at ABN AMRO,
Ericsson, ING and more, i.a. director of civilian support at The National Police in The Netherlands. He
is a strategic thinker and a bridge builder with a large network.

Michiel Hoogenboom

Advisory Board

Advises on our value propositions and business models. Part of the Executive Leadership Team at Microsoft Netherlands, most engaged Marketeer 2015. Currently Strategy Designer at Business Model Inc. Highly energetic people person. Passionate about Blockchain and its opportunities.

Bas van Os

Advisory Board

Bas started out in business appraisal for PwC in the EMEA-region and Russia (1991-1998), and continued as a strategy advisor, interim manager and contract negotiator in public transport, first with the Dutch Ministry of Transport (1998-2001) and then for the Dutch transport operators to set up the first nation-wide mobility card, the OV-Chipkaart (2001-2008). Since 2009, Bas is CEO of ACCEPT Institute, an EU supported initiative to introduce Account-Based Traveling across all European Public Transport schemes.


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